I’ll Tell Everything I Know

I'll Tell Redu copy

Cover illustration for “I’ll Tell Everything I Know”

Don’t start me to talking,
I’ll tell everything I know …

Sonny Boy Williamson, on “Down and Out Blues”

I’ll Tell Everything I Know (Tales of 1964 to 1965) is a collection of twenty-one humorous short stories. It’s related to Dart Travis’s Sixties trilogy, and features Steve Bury the same central character. The stories take place between the summer of 1964 and the autumn of 1965, predating the trilogy. They’re arranged chronologically.

The bass guitar image on the cover says it all. The early stories are tales centred around Steve’s garage band, The Etceteras.  Neil, Steve, Greg, Paul and Alfie are not John, Paul, George and Ringo by any stretch of the imagination.

These are tales of the angst of the young would-be musician and what it was like to be in an incompetent garage band in the mid sixties. Young romance creeps in. The stories start in the Mod ‘n’ Rocker riots on the beaches in 1964, go through playing in youth clubs, and end up in the emerging folk clubs of 1965.

The highlighted stories are on this blog as free samples. The story titles give an idea of the scope of the music covered.

The 21 short stories are:

Don’t Start Me To Talking
Bachelor Girls
I’m Telling You Now
Let There Be Drums
New Year Rag (LINKED)
Very Last Day (LINKED)
Oh, Pretty Woman
I’m A Lover Not A Fighter
Handy Man
All Around My Brain
We’ve (not) Got Rhythm
Mr Big
In The Red
The End Of A World
Catch The Wind
Pastoral Interlude
Blues Is The News
Beside Her Was Rosie
Down By The Salley Gardens
Battle of The Bands (LINKED)

A further collection of short stories ROLLING DOWN THE ROAD is in preparation, and takes up the same characters in 1967-69. In some ways that later collection will be the outtakes and “bonus stories” from the main trilogy.

NOW AVAILABLE: Content re-set in 2018 with minor improvements


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